Communitas Nomination Process

To nominate one or more companies, projects or individuals, please fill out one Nomination Form, select a category, write in the name of the nominee and the title of nomination. Add all nominations to this form. For each title of nomination, fill out a Form A telling us about the nomination. Please limit each explanation to two pages, plus any accompanying materials such as photos, DVDs, sustainability reports, news clippings, etc. There are no special binders or presentation requirements.

Self nomination is permitted. Nonprofits with paid staff that provide human services are not eligible for recognition in categories that are part of their mission. However, a charity hospital for instance, could nominate a volunteer or could enter a category for green or sustainability programs. A civic group or volunteer board could be recognized for their community involvement or philanthropic activities.

After reading the materials, judges may have questions and reserve the right to email the nominator with specific written questions. Nomination forms can be filled out and entered online or hard copies sent to the Communitas Awards.

Nominate Today

To ensure fairness and consistency, all of the judging is done in the AMCP judging room in Dallas, Texas. Each nomination is judged against itself and not directly against other nominations. There could be no winners in a category or multiple winners. Nominations are judged at random. They are not grouped by categories.

Each nomination is reviewed and then discussed by the judges. Judges are well-rounded professionals with extensive experience with business and nonprofits. Given the size of the nominee and the scope of involvement, judges form an expectation for performance excellence. For instance, more effort would be expected from a Fortune 500 company or national law firm than from a small company or one-person firm.

Judges will consider effort, potential resources, performance and impact in their decisions. Nominations judged as excellent will be recognized as Communitas winners.


The Communitas Awards is open to any company, organization, individual or anyone nominating on their behalf (such as an ad agency or PR firm). Only the nominated company, organization or individual will be recognized in Communitas' lists of winners. The community service or corporate social responsibility activity must have been concluded or started in the past 12 months.

Nomination Fees

Nomination fees are $125 per category, except for the six Leadership categories, which are $250.

Privacy Notice

Since many of the nominations are internal or proprietary in nature, or are done for a client, only the judges see the submissions. Immediately after judging, each nomination is destroyed, so please do not send original materials. No information is sold, traded, displayed, made available to a third party or used for any other purpose.